Maidena Young

Maidena is interested in developing and using her art as a way to connect with the community and help bring awareness, heath, and hope to the viewers. As a portrait …

Kenny Smith

Kenny Smith is a self-taught illustrator that is also an Artspace Uptown Artist Lofts resident. "Just being in an artistic environment gave me more motivation to pursue my dream ... too often we don't tell …

Jeffrey Baumgartner

Jeffrey Baumgartner wears many hats, literally and figuratively. He is an oil painter who works en plein air and in the studio, and he is also a talented actor. "To me what the celebration is, …

Brabant Lenting

Born in s'Hertogenbosch, a bustling town in South Brabant near the Belgium border in the Netherlands, John "Brabant" Lenting has been a professional artist since 1976. His work in Mixed Media utilizes various types of …

Jose Vela

Jose is a self-taught musician who you can catch at many Michigan City's local music venues like Quality Beet. He also regularly performs in public during the Uptown Art District's First Friday Art Walks.