Laurel creates fiber paintings are created with DMC floss on cotton twill fabric. The vibrant quality of the surfaces created by mixing the fibers of the floss gives these works a presence that belies their small size. Each piece takes four to six weeks to complete, which is one reason for the small size. She also feels the intimacy of closely viewing these pieces creates a different kind of connection with the viewer.

Her collages are created with acrylic skins that begin with a line drawing made with fabric paint, and many coats of gloss gel medium to create a skin. The reverse side of the skin is coated with paint and Gelli printed-paper, which affords many opportunities to experiment with transparency and opacity. Each canvas has many layers of handmade papers and text, as well as opaque and transparent layers of paint.

A perfect window into a true creative-type’s mind, Laurel says, “I must make art everyday, or my head would explode.”

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