Michigan City’s Wine Treasure

Michigan City is full of great eatery, prime access to beaches, and home to a family operated winery. Shady Creek Winery, which opened its doors ten years ago, offers a wide variety of wines, event opportunities and of course a hospitality experience like no other.

Calling All Winos

Shady Creek Winery is tucked away on Tryon Road (right off Highway 12) and looks like it may be a small, scenic farm property with a brown barn in front and a cute greenhouse behind in. The house is actually the tasting room where inside, you’ll find a center wine bar where staff will greet you and help you select or taste wine. The upstairs loft offers a lounge area for relaxing with a small group and outside, you’ll find a beautiful patio that stretches towards the bright, large backyard. 

In their 10 years of business, Shady Creek has created a portfolio of signature wines that the community –  and the country – have grown to love! Their most popular wines — Beach Glass, Sandy Feet and Pinot Grigio — are all vinted and bottled on site. Flavors range from Dry Red, Semi-Sweet, Mixed Dry, and White. Their custom-crafted wines can be shipped to 37 of the 50 states.

At the 2019 Indy International Wine Competition, Shady Creek Winery won four awards for their wines in four different categories; three silvers for their Riesling (Dry), Twave (Zinfandel), and Rose’ (Hybrid Rose’ & Blush) and Bronze for Lighthouse (White Hybrid Blends). These award-winning wines are made by Shady Creek’s Winemaker, Jimmy Lynch.

Shady Creek Winery also offers a delicious food menu to accompany your afternoon at the winery. From a tasteful charcuterie board with meats and cheeses to a classic BLT sandwich and a side, your cravings will be satisfied! What’s better than an afternoon of wine and cheese with your friends? 

Events and Parties

Guests with large groups can schedule an event or with a smaller group, simply walk in and find your wine! Of course, the experience would not be complete without a tasting expert. Allow the staff to guide you through the tasting experience and explain the foundation and creation of whichever wines you choose.

Shady Creek Winery accommodates a variety of parties on their property. Here are some ideas to start planning with your friends or family:

  • Private Wine Tastings (6-8 people) – $15/ person
    • Everyone receives five tastes of their choosing and one glass of their favorite choice.
  • Flight & A Glass Party (Groups larger than 8) – $20/ person
    • A staff member guides you through a series of tastes in what is known as a flight. Then, enjoy their favorite flavor in one final glass!
  • Mix & Mingle (Groups of 30) – $20/ person
    • This event will be held in a private or semi-private space (your choice) and a staff member will discuss and pour wine for the guests. This party is ideal for people wishing to mingle with each other and drink wine at their own pace.

Each event larger than eight guests needs a reservation before the day of the event and guests wishing to book a Mix & Mingle event must be prepared to make a deposit.

Come Visit Soon!

Scheduled wine tastings with friends and family aren’t the only events Shady Creek Winery is known for. The winery partners with local organizations to hold fundraisers and larger-scale events. The Boys and Girls Club of Michigan City is being hosted at Shady Creek Winery on Nov., 5 for their 5th annual wine tasting event with the opportunity to learn more about the organization and give back. Tickets are $50 per person.

Shady Creek has live music events on Sundays at 1 p.m. Other events can be found on Facebook.

Whether you’re a die-hard wine connoisseur or you’re looking for another great spot in Michigan City, Shady Creek Winery has plenty of room (and wine) to suffice your needs.

One response to “Michigan City’s Wine Treasure”

  1. I’m a proud broken record, extolling the virtues of Shady Creek. There isn’t a square inch of this wonderful establishment that isn’t perfect. And not only are those lovely “behind the counter” folks knowledgable when it comes to all things Shady Creek, they make you feel like you’re truly welcome there! Remember when Norm would come into Cheers? Bingo.
    That little ol’ winemaker, Jimmy Lynch,*really* knows his stuff, and his slight Cheshire grin betrays the love he has for his work, and *where* he works. He’s one talented dude.
    Pizza with a red? Chicken wrap with a white? I daresay there is nothing better. And Michigan City (my beloved hometown) has all of it with Shady Creekl! Thank you.

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