Reasons to Fall in Love with Michigan City

Amy Bowman of Patina Vintage Goods tells us why she chose Michigan City and what she loves most about living here!

Hi there, fellow My Michigan City followers. I’m no blogger… but I do have plenty to say about our little city! We all know there is quite a buzz going around about Northwest Indiana. Michigan City especially is getting a lot of attention and that is no news to me! I’m what they call an M.C. yay-sayer… seriously, I’m a big fan!

My husband and I bought our first house in Michigan City over 15 years ago and still believe we made the best choice by choosing MC as our home. We live in a great neighborhood full of interesting architecture, tree-lined streets, and the sounds of kids having fun on summer break. From the historic Barker Mansion to the Frost House… we love riding our bikes, discovering cool houses, and checking out our unique landscapes.

Barker Mansion

We are so lucky to be able to experience such diversity within one county! From the sandy shore of Lake Michigan to the countryside and the crazy, cool mix in between. We have a historic downtown where I, along with my business partner Val, have a vintage shop, Patina Vintage Goods. We’re just one of the many, one-of-a-kind shops down in the Uptown Arts District.

Have you ever visited Friendship Gardens? It’s been here since 1934! The grounds are being lovingly restored and they have added the coolest playspace for the kiddos! 

Speaking of things to do with the kids, Michigan City has a pretty rad skatepark, public tennis courts, a multitude of quaint parks, camps, and programs to keep them busy year-round!

Washington Park Zoo is a proud part of our community since 1928, constantly improving the quality of life here. Don’t miss a trip up the observation tower, the incomparable views are breathtaking! 

Washington Park Zoo Observation Tower

We are a destination – that is so much fun to say!

We have top-notch, unique restaurants, award-winning serious craft breweries, and truly wonderful wineries. Not to mention we have a resort casino! Then, for the more mainstream crowd, we have the big box stores and fast food eateries too. Our theaters will delight you, our art galleries will amaze you, and our shops will surprise you every time you visit! Where else can you hop on a double-decker train and be in Chicago in an hour or be in the state of Michigan in less than 10 minutes?

South Shore Train Station 11th Street in Michigan City

We’ve got the best of both worlds here. We are a little bit country. We’re a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. We’re a little bit funky. We’re a lot of fun! I always say, love where you live, wherever it is, and Michigan City is my place! It’s always cooler by the lake, I believe that wholeheartedly, but things are just starting to heat up around here!

I hope you get to enjoy a little bit of our charming city, whether you’re visiting us or playing tourist in your own town. Discover Michigan City because we are worth discovering! I’m Amy Bowman… Wife, mom, small business owner, and happy resident of Michigan City, Indiana.

Amy Bowman (left) and Val Pickens (right) at their store, Patina Vintage Goods

Comment below some of your favorite places in Michigan City!

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  1. Michigan City is the best!! Always something to do and enjoy! Small town living in an artistic atmosphere and big city feel! Love my place by the lake!!!!

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